Stealth /Trojan horse Islamic invasion

You’re not being tolerant. You’re not being inclusive. You’re not being open-minded… You’re being conquered.”

Italian immigration was an advance point for Australia, followed by Greek immigration, then Asian all provided positive growth, benefits.

The failure has and is Moslem immigration where over 30 years they are planted in West Sydney it is a proven disaster which is forbidden to be spoken about.

Reality is
This is a Islamic invasion/war by Stealth!

Moslems are also history killers and twist historical facts and truth they call taqiyya kitman
Facts are:-
This Trojan horse invasion by Moslems was invented by Mohammed when he and his marauding followers fled Mecca in AD 622 to Yathrib now called Medina. Claiming “refugee status”
Medina welcomed them as “our” government does today!

ISIS is doing nothing that the Moslem’s “Prophet” Mohammed wouldn’t do!

Mohammad himself was once a (claimed) refugee taken in by the Jewish run city of Medina, then called Yathrib (fleeing Mecca AD 622).
Within five years, Mohammed (joining with other invading “marauding refugees”) had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jew living in Medina

For around 1,400 years Islam has produced the major majority of the worlds “refugees”! Always fleeing from what they created!

Still the same today!

This Trojan horse invasion continues WHY?
Moslems and Islam are of course synonymous with terror!
It was and is a CRIME to allow Moslems in. Every politician is obligated to know the history of foreign people they bring in. If they had done even a little bit of study they would have found a bloodthirsty people, full of hate and terrorism.?

Mohammad invented this sort of invasion by stealth, Centuries old still used today.
The success of thier blood lust carnage is that Moslem have made their Calender year begining AD 622

“Our” repomse is to declare a war on the Islamic TACTIC of “terror”?
1: You can’t declare war on a tactic – TERROR.
2: You can’t win if the “Good Guys” your soldiers are dying for are just a different type of bad guy.
3: You can’t win if you promote the problem – ISLAM.
4: And you can’t win overseas if you are losing at home